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Brenda Clarkson TurpeauBRENDA CLARKSON TURPEAU is the daughter of Rachel Scott Clarkson and Zack Clarkson. She was born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, during WWII, to a teenage mother and a brave, determined soldier, on his way to war. Brenda is a native of Hopkins, South   Carolina, where much of her story takes place. She was formally educated at Carlow University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received a degree in Medical Records Administration/Information Systems.

Throughout the years, Brenda has been involved in a number of notable pursuits:

President of A & B Turpeau Company
Vice President of 3-T Unlimited Inc.
President of The Coffee Port Inc.

President of the Clarkson Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization

Member of civic, social and business organizations, to wit:
NAACP, American Medical Records Association, Past President, Dogwood City Chapter Links, Inc. , Mayoral appointment, ACORA Board

Member, Cascade United Methodist Church

Brenda was motivated to tackle the remarkable task of writing her family history – initially as a tribute to her beloved parents. However, as time passed, she began to see the importance of revealing and sharing facts and interesting experiences of her descendants for the present and future generations of Clarksons, Scotts, Fausts, Westons, Adams – and for countless other American struggling with who they are and vague family origins.

Brenda lives with her family in Atlanta, GA.  She is proud of her wonderful family – husband Aaron, Sr.; son Aaron, Jr., and wife Michelle; son Michel Martine-Turpeau IV; and their daughter, Alem; and four wonderful grandchildren.

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